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‘Wow’ – Alan Shearer Sends Seven-word Verdict On Disorganized Liverpool Side After 4-1 Napoli Defeat

‘Wow’ – Alan Shearer sends seven-word verdict on disorganized Liverpool side after 4-1 Napoli defeat

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said after a loss in Naples that Liverpool needed to “reinvent ourselves,” according to information posted online by Neil Jones. It takes a performance of biblical proportions to prompt such a statement.

Fans have seen ex-footballers line up to analyze the Reds’ poor performance in Italy and offer suggestions to the German tactician on how to proceed.

Liverpool slumped to a 4-1 defeat away to Napoli in the UEFA Champions League

Liverpool slumped to a 4-1 defeat away to Napoli in the UEFA Champions League (Getty Images)

These ex-footballers have ranged in talent from Gary Lineker to Jamie Carragher.

Even more out of the blue than usual, Alan Shearer felt obligated to post anything on Twitter about the Merseysiders’ shocking 3-0 deficit at the Stadio Armando Diego Maradona at the time of the message.

Alan Shearer



Wow. 3-0. Liverpool all over the place. @ChampionsLeague #NAPLIV

8:46 PM · Sep 7, 2022

Thiago Alcantara’s arrival and the effect he had on the team did enable Liverpool to briefly revert to a period when energy served as the foundation of their brand under Klopp.

However, in general, we appear a million miles away from the dazzling highs of the 2021–2022, when we came within two games of bringing home an unprecedented quadruple haul of silverware.

We can’t continue to be wholly dependent on our No. 6’s availability to deliver the brand of football that fans have grown accustomed to under the former Borussia Dortmund head coach, so some kind of dramatic shift has to be seen as necessary moving forward.

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