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Women’s Equality Day: Interesting ways to raise feminist children

A lot of us has born and brought up in the era of patriarchy but over the years, people have tried to come out from this shell and now society is moving more towards gender equality. Gender equality, as the saying goes, begins at home. Parents and caregivers stand in the front line to bring a change and it is their responsibility to be aware of their children from a younger age to further shape their personalities. Understanding the importance of equality from such a young age will not only nurture their innate qualities but also instil the power to stand by equality and fairness all their life. On the 26th of August, the world celebrates Women’s equality day intending to eradicate gender equality from society while granting much-needed rights and honour to women. From ditching the stereotypes to showcasing significant examples and educating aptly about women’s rights- here are some interesting ways to encourage forthcoming feminists in your home.

Embrace gender-neutral environment

As equality starts at home and if you nurture a child who does not believe in gender-specific roles then initiate it right from your home. Make sure that you teach boys how to clean dishes while allowing girls to engage in sports. Openly talk to them about stereotypes and embrace a home environment that is free of any gender-related biasedness and never confine their interaction to raise feminist children.

Encourage the correct language

Young children usually gather the things they see and start practising or impersonating the same in their daily life. Hence, the right language to promote gender equality is extremely vital. Don’t tell your son that “you can’t play with girlish things or don’t cry like a little girl” or don’t say to your daughter that “sit in a girlish way.” Instead, teach your son or daughter that it is completely fine to cry and motivate them to do things that they like. Inculcating the right values will go a long way with them.

Encourage the correct language

Compliment the girls rightly 

People usually praise their daughters by using words like “pretty” which can overtake their other attributes. In order to promote feminism or gender equality, you must compliment her on her non-physical qualities too like how smart she is, how strong she is and how aware she is to make her feel confident and recognise that girls are not just restricted to beautiful.

Compliment the girls rightly

Involve everyone in everyday chores

The mother and father of the kids are the most inspiring role models for their kids. Whatever they see their parents doing; they will ultimately follow the same track. Make sure that you bifurcate the daily chores with your husband and ask for help in performing the household chores whenever necessary to set good examples. Moreover, do involve both your son and daughter in both inside and outside household errands to teach them that no work is restricted to gender.

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