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Who Won ‘Love Island USA’? The “Culmination” of the Season, Explained

Love Island USA Season 4 was the summer’s wildest romance rollercoaster, and now the amusement park (a.k.a. The Villa) is closed for the season. Viewers have spent the last six weeks following the ups and downs of a dozen different summer flings. Now that the finale’s aired, we know which couples stood the test of time and plan on making their relationships official in the real world. Not only that, we now know who won Love Island USA (remember how there’s prize money at stake? We totally forgot) and leaves the Villa a whole lot richer. And more importantly? We finally know the meaning of the word culmination. Whew!

So, who won Love Island USA Season 4 and how did the final moments of the competition shake out? Here’s what you need to know — if you don’t mind SPOILERS, that is!

Who won Love Island USA Season 4?

After a hella dramatic penultimate episode wherein two couples were dumped from the island, only three couples entered the finale: Deb and Jesse, Sydney and Isaiah, and Zeta and Timmy. All three couple went on their final dates, this time outside the Villa. Deb and Jesse even made one final major move when Deb, after politely declining to make things official with Jesse, asked him to be her boyfriend. Three official couples in the finale? Somewhere Jamie Dornan smiles.

LOVE ISLAND — Episode 137 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Hyland, Zeta Morrison, Timmy Pandolfi -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Peacock)
Casey Durkin/Peacock

Anyway — who won Love Island Season 4? Which couple did America vote for? Drumroll: Zeta and Timmy! C’mon, you saw that coming! They’ve been steady from practically day one, aside from one hiccup at the start of the competition. Meanwhile, Isaiah and Sydney came in second and Deb and Jesse came in third. And when Zeta was given the chance to keep the $100,000 prize all to herself or split it with Timmy? She chose to split it with Timmy. These two are the real deal — at least for now!

Oh — and what does “culmination” mean?

That’s the other thing people are wondering about after the finale, which… hey, Jesse and Timmy are right there with you. While the guys are writing their declarations of love to their girls, Isaiah reads what he’s written so far: “This journey with you has been a culmination of…” Then Jesse and Timmy try to correct him, saying he means “combination” or “accumulation” because they’ve never heard the word “culmination” before… despite it being a pretty common word. Right? What’s happening here?

Isaiah defines “culmination” as, “it’s just, like, a bunch of things that have happened to” — and then Timmy tries to make sure once again that Isaiah does not mean “accumulation.” Isaiah does not. He means “culmination” as in “culminate,” meaning “to end or arrive at a final stage.” It’s literally what Timmy and Jesse are doing at that very moment, even though they don’t realize it. Language, man, it’s wild!

Isaiah explaining the word culmination
Photo: Peacock

As for what happens after the culmination of Love Island Season 4, you can tune into the reunion special on Peacock on Thursday, September 1.

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