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Which genres or scale of Bollywood movies will you pay to watch in theatres? VOTE NOW

The Hindi film industry, popularly referred to as Bollywood produces hundreds of films every year. It is no surprise then, that most often than not, the audience of these films is spoilt for choice. Be it the budget of the movies, or the several genres, viewers can always pick and choose the kind of cinematic experience they want to indulge in. With the availability of streaming platforms at reasonable rates that makes every possible content available at our disposal, the question boils down to this: what genres or scale of Bollywood movies will people pay to watch in the cinema halls? Well, take THIS POLL and let us know your answer! 

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Going to movie theatres has always been a special occasion in a country full of cinema lovers and enthusiasts. While some walk in with the hopes of enjoying a big-budget, heavy on production, visual spectacle with elements like VFX, high-octane action sequences, or catchy dance numbers shot in a multitude of foreign lands, others are happy with small-budget movies with a complex storyline. Moreover, while some prefer watching romantic films, comedies, and family dramas, others expect to be surprised with courtroom dramas, suspense thrillers, actioners, and horror films. 

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Which genres or scale of Bollywood movies will you pay to watch in theatres? Take THIS POLL and VOTE NOW! 

  • Big budget
  • Small budget
  • Family dramas
  • Action thrillers/Crime
  • Romance (Love Stories)
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sci-fi
  • Social Messaging
  • Others (Please specify__________)

Note: Images used are for representational purposes only. 

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