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When Loki star Tom Hiddleston impressed Robert De Niro with his spot-on Neil McCauley impression

In 2015, Tom Hiddleston dropped all jaws at The Graham Norton Show as he impersonated Robert De Niro and a couple of other A-listers. Tom has been praised in the past for his impeccable celebrity impressions, the most celebrated being his MCU co-star Chris Evans’ spot-on act. During his time on the show, Tom impressed De Niro by bringing out his inner Neil McCauley from the 1955 crime drama film, Heat.

The Loki star started with a warm-up impression on the couch as he sat beside British actor and director Kenneth Branagh, Anne Hathaway and the legendary Robert De Niro. Tom first whipped out his Owen Wilson while he narrated an anecdote from the sets of his Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris. Before Tom’s impressions began, Norton had asked De Niro if he liked someone impersonating him, to which the actor replied, “I kind of enjoy it especially if they do it well.” 

With the pressure on, Tom leaned into impersonating the acting giant as he set the scene from the 90s hit film Heat where Di Niro and Al Pacino’s character meet for the second time in a diner. Tom proceeded to do a rather on-point mimicry of Al Pacino and from the looks of it, De Niro was enjoying the show. Then the big scene descended as Tom started delivering De Niro’s lines and he nailed the quintessential De Niro frown. The audience cheered on the actor after he finished his impersonation and his fellow actors looked rather impressed by his talents.

However, that was not the end of the fun as Tom also did an uncanny impression of Norton and the studio soon erupted into loud cackles.

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