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What’s still at stake for Yankees, Mets with high playoff odds

It was last week when frequent visitors to Fangraphs’ MLB Playoff Odds page, nerds such as myself, noticed the Yankees’ chances to reach the postseason tick over into brain-melting, semi-comedic mid-June territory:

Make Playoffs: 100 percent.

Yes, following a business-as-usual 2-0 victory over the Rays on June 14, with a whopping 101 games remaining, the Yankees (45-16 at the time, five games into an eventual nine-game winning streak) were a lock to make it to October, per the site’s advanced projections.

After their Tuesday games, the Yankees remained at 100 percent while the National League-best Mets had a 97.3 percent chance to make the playoffs (70.1 percent as NL East champs, 27.2 as a wild card). Insert joke here about the Mets naturally pulling off the 1-in-40 collapse.

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