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What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in August 2022

This Summer, the heat has been pretty hard to beat.

heat is here to stay! As we race into August, our social energy will overtake us.

This is often one of the most festive and fiery periods of the year, as the sun in the Northern Hemisphere bears down upon us from the heights of the sky. We’ll be feeling sizzling, sexy and sweaty!

While August will bring us some twists and turns, it is still a generally positive month, free of any major planetary retrogrades. We’ll be focused on manifesting our goals, getting down to business, but also connecting with others for fun, flirting and laughter.

Shake it up and embrace adventure! With a great deal of planetary energy ignited in Fire or Air zodiac signs, we’ll be eager to let down our hair, break out our sexiest outfits and express ourselves. Whether single or attached, this is the perfect month to breathe upon the spark of your heart—and your loins! Romance can be fierce, fabulous and feisty with so much planetary action in Leo—and then later when Mars moves—in Gemini.

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August horoscopes
August will bring you inspiration to express yourself.
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It’s time to make things happen—or we’ll regret it later

Let’s get focused and active! While the vast majority of the cosmic weather in August will boast spice, sass and sex, there are other factors that are pushing us to get things done. This is because mighty Mars, the planet of action and drive, is powering through Taurus for most of the month. This can help us to concentrate our energies to produce consistent and long-term results. Projects that get moving now will have stamina and strength behind them. Also, with the sun moving into Virgo in the final third of the month, productivity is also enhanced—as well as a chance to improve our fitness and diets! As a forewarning, September until the end of the year will be extremely slow and challenging months, so crank along now.

It’s Leo season

Let’s step into the spotlight! With the sun powering through its favorite place to be—Leo—we’ll be eager to express ourselves and roar courageously to the world. This enhances our creative output, as well as gives us an opportunity to express our child-like wonder. We can channel our most opulent, regal and luxurious selves, as well as follow the true passions of our hearts. Being bold in life, love and lifestyle will get us far now. Just don’t let your pride go to your head or you could be dealing with the fierce bite from someone else!

August horoscopes
Unlock your inner muse in August.
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Your ultimate guide to August 2022’s astroweather

  • August 1, 2022: Prepare for a highly chaotic, impulsive and intense day. A sassy Mars decides to poke and prod electric Uranus. This could make you hella rebellious, as you demand to break free of limitations that bind you. Shocking surprises—for good and worse—could be everywhere.
  • August 2, 2022: A hella sexy and sweet day is upon you! Venus gets surprise sexts and romantic gestures from both Uranus and Mars. This is a five-star day for romance, whether single or attached. Passion, adventure and surprise will put you in the mood for love.
  • August 3, 2022: Mercury puts his nose to the grindstone as he enters one of his favorite places to be today—Virgo! This ensures that in the weeks ahead, particularly until August 25, that you can focus on the details, manage yourself and others better as well as be highly productive. Being practical and realistic in plans and mindset will be your M.O.
  • August 7, 2022: A dramatic AF Mars clashes with Saturn in a terrible cosmic war—and TBH, you’ve probs felt this already creeping in for a few days. Sadly, it’ll linger for a few days after, too. Roadblocks and challenges to your passions and goals are guaranteed. Howevs, Venus kisses Neptune today, so if you can take a breather to be sensual, spiritual or romantic, this could alleviate some of the trash vibes.
  • August 9, 2022: Womp womp. Bad news bears, bb! Venus, our planet of love and beauty, gets chained up by dominatrix Pluto. This ensures troubling news, manipulation, jealousy and power struggles in relationships. You could even be obsessing over an ex. Yikes. Delete their number and block ‘em! They weren’t even that good in bed, anyways!
August predictions
Pursue pleasure and fun in August.
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  • August 11, 2022: A big cosmic day! Venus dances into Leo, where she will become ignited like a fire dancer for weeks to come. Now until September 5, love and relationships will feel fiery, adventurous and passionate. This is an especially good period for singles to put themselves out there—you could find someone who fans the flames of your heart. It’s also the Sturgeon Moon and this year it falls in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. You’ll be feeling extremely social, but could face some shocking news and surprises with the sun getting tased from a stun gun held by Uranus. Sexual and creative passions will also be heated now with Mars sending naughty videos over to Neptune.
  • August 14, 2022: Yikes! Today is one of the darkest and most depressing days of the year. Fire and ice meet in a cosmic war as Saturn punches the sun in the face.  However, passions will be sizzling—for better or worse—because Mars is eager to hookup with Pluto. So yes—sex will be explosively hot and intense if you can get over your somber mood.
  • August 16, 2022: Prepare for mental and creative breakthroughs, as well as a super social and busy day. Mercury and Uranus are pow-wowing in the sky, so consider thinking outside of the box.
  • August 18, 2022: One of the most magical, romantic and blessed days of the year has arrived! Indulge in pleasure, fun and romance in every way. Venus and Jupiter are working in cahoots and this is a super rare vibe. Plan something special or go on a memorable date.
  • August 20, 2022: Fiery Mars charges on into Gemini, where he’ll stay until March of 2023 (yes, you read that right). This will make us passionate to express our thoughts and ideas, but could lead us into some very intense discussions and debates. Our social nature and curiosity about the world will be amplified in the months to come. On a different note, Mercury enters pre-shadow today in Virgo, which means that from now until September 9, he’s slowing down in the sky prior to his retrograde. Expect things to start to become delayed or confusing in the weeks ahead.
August predictions
Live vividly in August.
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  • August 21, 2022: Get ready for illusions and delusions! Mercury and Neptune are getting drunk as hell in the sky, so no one is thinking clearly whatsoever. No, this is not an excuse for you to get drunk or trip on acid just because the planets are. Shame on you!
  • August 22, 2022: Virgo Season arrives! In the month to come, get practical and down to business. Mercury also links with Pluto today, bringing you profound, deep thoughts as well as incredible persuasive power.
  • August 24, 2022: Electric Uranus is taking a nap in the sky. Expect shifts in the economy and your finances in the months to come, perhaps with slightly less rocky uncertainty (except end of October and November, those months will suck).
  • August 25, 2022: Mercury spins on into Libra from now until September 23. This will make us more charming in communications and negotiations. We’ll be more focused on justice and fair-mindedness. However, we’ll likely also be indecisive as hell!
  • August 27, 2022: A new moon in Virgo arrives, opening a doorway for you to find a better work-life balance or improve your health. However, Venus is clashing with Uranus, causing chaos or change in relationships or around finances. The sun is also glaring at Mars, which will lead to challenges to your desires, goals and ego. Siiiiigh.
  • August 28, 2022: Unfortunately, our last major astrological aspect of the month is also a somber one. Venus falls beneath the shadow of Saturn, which brings relationship problems, sadness and loneliness. Sorry! Just move through the vibes as best as you can!

You’re welcome. Be sure to check back for our monthly horoscope by me, too!

August horoscopes
August will help you to unplug from reality and have some fun.
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Predictions from my BFF and world-renowned psychic Calise Simone:

Keep a to do list, stay hydrated and pay attention to your schedule this month.  The energy of August is action-packed and positively busy!  The headaches and difficult times are mostly resolved by the 13th and now it’s simply a game of keeping up.  The universe will shower you with opportunities to achieve your desires as the month proceeds.  Are you brave enough to act on them? A revelation will come via news from someone close to you around the 25th.  Stay flexible and be prepared to implement any changing plans required at this time. An increase in lucky energy can be felt on the 31st.

For the collective vibration of the month of August, the Animal Spirit kingdom graces us with the influence of the Otter! This is one, if not the most, joyful creature of the entire deck, showing up as our cosmic guide in a month coded with so much change. Over the next four weeks, the Otter reminds us that life itself is a blessing, and when we embrace it with gusto, we are open to all its beautiful possibilities. This is not a time to worry or give into doubt. The Otter asks you: How can you bring more joy and playfulness into your life to feed your inner child? Picture yourself inside a magical glow of contentment—because this joyful animal spirit is ready to take you there. You are more than ready!

It’s time to start developing your skills to create a peacefulness that lasts. During times of intense change or transition, what tools are in your wellness toolbox to help you move more smoothly into that next phase of life that you (and we as a collective) are being guided into? Change is never easy but is often necessary. Instead of relying on temporary solutions like a vacation, day at the spa or happy hour with friends, what new skill (or renewed skill) can you develop?  What consistent action can you take to help you remain calm, feel more grounded and secure during times of transformation? Hematite is the crystal for August. It’s my favorite stone for grounding during times of change and anxiety. It helps us to stay in the moment and connected to the body. A root and base chakra stone.

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