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WEF Sets up Its Own Metaverse Global Collaboration Village


  • The WEF initiatives its own metaverse Global Collaboration Village.
  • This Metaverse will use new technology to create innovative solutions to critical global challenges.

The Metaverse has been a popular topic of discussion at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) 2023 in Davos. The web’s future design holds the promise of transforming numerous industries and is more than just a gamification virtual representation of reality.The WEF launched a working version of its own metaverse project, Global Collaboration Village, on Tuesday. And is meant to provide a forum for entities to collaborate and devise action plans to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, stated in Forbes that

“The new form of technology-enabled human interaction is on track to become prevalent in our personal and professional lives, and business executives, government officials, and civil society leaders must collaborate to define and build an economically viable, interoperable, safe, equitable, and inclusive metaverse.”

Global Collaboration Village’s Mission

Many technologies are uses to power this Davos metaverse. And the main goal of this is to create a new virtual space. Where global interaction can enhance and cooperative solutions have been found.

And to provide immersive experiences to encourage a better understanding of key global challenges. As well as to provide a collaborative public space. where broad participation in global issues discussion is both urging and facilitating.

Additionally, the platform and all of its goals intend to promote more productive individuals. And group action in line with the Forum’s mission. And the statement and promise to enhance the status of the world.

Moreover, for the overall architecture and concept as well as a proof of concept of the interface and functionality at the annual meeting in 2022. The WEF will engage with its strategic partners Accenture and Microsoft.

The forum is also launching a new initiative on “Defining and Building the Metaverse,” which brings together more than 60 leading firms from the technology. And other sectors with delegates from the government, academia, and civil society to strengthen opportunities. It is for the creation of economic and social value.


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