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Weekly Tarot (August 8th to 14th): Here’s the career outlook for Aquarius, Leo, and Cancer

Roles and duties in a career that are supported by your astrological standpoints not only help determine the ideal career route but also manifest your skills in the workplace, paving the way for a prosperous future. Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma, is here to assist you in getting through this week. To find out what the stars have to say about your future, see your career horoscope.




Capricorn would be active due to better health this week. This may affect professional work. You will be getting opportunities this week.


This week you would not be able to make many decisions . You may feel stuck up in your personal life this week . It would be better if you resolve your personal  issues on a priority basis.


This week you may get a proposal for work or business. This would get you good financial gain.


This week Aries would be focusing more on work. This week could be a little hectic for Aries. There would be stress related to professional  life.



This week Taurus would try to make clear out their past  actions or mistakes made in professional  life. This week things will be a little better.


This week you would be in the mood to travel or to have a short holiday .  This  could be with your partner. Things at work may give you stress. This week could be a no work week for you.


This week you would be looking for some new projects. This project would help in career growth. Health will be a little poor this week.


Professionally things would get better this week. There would be  monetary growth . Personally, this would get a little better financially.


This week might be a little boring for you. You may try to engage yourself with a few activities which could bring back your interest at work.Professionally things would be a little better. 



This week you would be focusing on your professional life. There will be new projects coming your way this week. You would also be getting support from your partner .


This week you would be dwelling on your past. Your workmates may try to irritate you or may try to play mind games with you.


This week you would be focusing much on getting new work projects, mostly freelance.  Also, you may feel tired and would want to stay alone for a while.

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