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Wedding decor ideas for an offbeat nautical-inspired theme

Who does not adore the idea of a coastal, exotic wedding? The musical beach waves, white shells, and the venue all draped in the fairy lights set a perfect scenario to celebrate your love. Only the notion lends itself to varied elements and styles ranging from glamorous to minimal, and casual to chic- the sky is the limit when it comes to a nautical-inspired theme wedding. All you have to do is pay special attention to embracing a breathtaking wedding décor and creating the finest settings. Here are some nautical-inspired wedding décor ideas to convert your venue into a magical affair so that you can say your ‘I do’ in the most mystical way.

The shipy table setting

A bluish table setting with uber cool elements like ships, pearls, and shells mish-mashed with white florals can make all the difference. Compliment with turquoise blue table linen, miniature sailboat centrepieces, tall cylindrical vases filled with pretty florals and candle holders will bring an edge of charm to this gorgeous setup.

The shipy table setting

Bohemian ceiling with cascading knotted ropes

Playing up with the elements of the ceiling is yet another way to make a wedding décor offbeat and quirky. Cascading white and blue knotted ropes give the perfect nautical feel. To enhance the setting, sea-shell curtains and hanging terrarium embellishments can be opted for an added boho feel.

Bohemian ceiling with cascading knotted ropes

The sparkling starfish backdrop

While fairy lights have been a glare of publicity for a long time and people usually go with that hoola hoop-inspired floral touch backdrop, this one is something very unique, DIY-able and affix a touch of whimsy to your decoration. All it takes is draping the fairy lights on light-coloured starfishes to curate a magical touch. You can also use some glass neon light engraved messages to add more glamour.

Ice bar

Do you want to go a completely unusual yet quirky way? Well, an extensive and intricately carved ice bar is all you need. Pair it with blue lights and you will definitely win your guest’s hearts with the elegant artwork and aura it creates. A mirror fixture with blue light can also be installed as a backdrop to imitate the elements and bring out a gorgeous ambience.

Try out these aforementioned ideas and raise the slab of #weddingdecorgoals. Don’t forget to let us know about your favourite one.

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