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Vijay Deverakonda reveals being in a ‘long relationship’; Says she changed his idea of love

Apart from professional life, Vijay Deverakonda always manages to grab headlines with his personal life. Although he never revealed his relationship or admitted his dating Rashmika Mandanna, now he has admitted being in a long relationship. In an interview with GQ, Vijay Deverakonda revealed that he got into a long relationship when he became an actor and added that his heart had never been broken so far.

While it is not known whom he is referring to, it is anticipated that he is speaking about his Belgian girlfriend Virigine, whom he was dating in 2018. In fact, Vijay’s intimate pics with Virigine have also gone viral on social media.

In a recent interview with a popular magazine, Arjun Reddy actor spoke about what his dad taught him about love. He also spoke about how his girlfriend changed his idea of love. The actor said, “Growing up, my dad taught me that love is bullshit and that money is the centre of this world. If you have money, you have everything. If you have money, people will love you, respect you, and do everything for you. This was ingrained in me so deeply that when I grew into an adult, I didn’t believe in relationships. I began believing that whoever came to me, came with a want. When someone said they love me, I never said I love you too. Till today, it doesn’t come as naturally as it should.”

However, his former girlfriend transformed his idea of love. “After becoming an actor, I got into a long relationship that taught me a lot about love. I realised that it’s not a transaction and that people can love you selflessly for who you are. It took me a long time to learn that my dad was wrong. To unlearn what he taught me. But I’ll say this: His lesson got me to where I am. I achieved everything that I desired but it came at a price,” he added.

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Vijay Deverakonda also revealed that their relationship ended. He said, “I lost friends. I lost relationships. There was a cost. I didn’t have the liberty to indulge in other things. I had to stay focused. When you come from nothing and want to become an actor, you have to surrender yourself completely. By the time she could make me see what we had, it was too late. I had affected the relationship too much. It took a toll on us.”

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