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VIDEO: When Rajinikanth cracked a joke on himself about Aishwarya Rai playing his heroine in Robot

Despite having a larger-than-life personality, superstar Rajinikanth is a down-to-earth actor, who can crack a joke on himself. He has an unmatchable level of humility, simplicity and humour. Almost a decade ago, during an event, Rajinikanth cracked a joke on being criticised for roping in much younger female actors opposite him in movies. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was one of them. 

They shared the screen space as a couple in spite of the 23-year age difference between them in S. Shankar’s Robot (Enthiran). While addressing the media, Thailaiva shared a story and cracked a joke on himself about how a man he had met in Bangalore kept staring at him after knowing Aishwarya is playing his heroine in Robot. 

Sharing the funny story during the film’s event, Rajinikanth said, “I’m not exaggerating. In Bangalore, my brother’s house is there, I went there. Nearby, one Rajasthani tenants, they have come there. After knowing I was there, he came to see me. His name was Nandulal. He is some 60 plus. He came and say ‘Hey Rajini, what happened to your hair?’ I said, ‘Jhad gaye yaar, choro (it shed, let’s forget about it).'”

The man further asked Rajinikanth if he is enjoying his retirement. To this, Darbar replied saying he is doing a film called Robot and said, Aishwarya Rai, is heroine. At this, the man asked, ‘who is the hero.’ 

Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya, who were present at the event started rolling with laughter. 

“I said I am the hero. He asked, ‘Are you?’ His kids were also with him and told him, ‘Daddy he is the hero’. Then 10 minutes he was only staring at me. What happened next left everyone in the room laughing hard.

Check out the full video below: 

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