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VeChain Stats Thrusts VeChain Foundation

  • Ve Chain Stats outperforms with traffic. 
  • Tracking of NFTs crosses over half a million.
  • Ve Chain Foundation travels on with a strong base, prices of Ve Chain to increase.

The VeChain data analytic attribute from the Ve Chain platform has surely outperformed over the recent times. Accordingly, so far more than a million NFTs have been on tracking upon the VeChain Stats. 

The Ve Chain Stats has been in development since 2016, and came fully live by 2017. Ever since then, being one of the first analytic platforms from a whole based blockchain platform, the VeChain Stats provided all sorts of data analysis. 

The VeChain Stats could be accessed only by a membership, indirectly subscribing to the VeChain Foundation. Besides, the VeChain Stats provides all sorts of data analysis along with block explorer. Moreover, it specializes in direct on-chain metrics upon transactions, NFTs, tokens, and much more.   

Rise of the VeChain Stats

Being part of the VeChain Family, the VeChain Stats analyzes completely upon the VeChain THOR blockchain and mainnet. Indeed, the platform specializes in providing all sorts of data tracks on different attributes such as the VeChain THOR blockchain statistics, depicting the transactions, authority nodes and much more. 

Apart from all this, concrete live data regarding the tokens being circulated through the VeChain THOR blockchain could be extracted. In addition, the Non Fungible Token (NFT) section corresponds to the maximum traffic for the platform. Having on account numerous NFTs, all upon the VeChain THOR blockchain, the list continues to increase exponentially. 

Some of the most anticipated NFTs upon the VeChain Stats data analysis includes  VPunks, World of V-Genesis cards, VeKings, World of V- Special cards, Mad V-Apes Alpha, and much more. With numerous attributes and projects in play from the stables of VeChain, the price of VeChain (VET) is expected to reach highs of $1 by the year 2024.

Currently, the VET is trading for the price of $0.0254, with the graphs upwards by 3.71% over the past 24 hours.

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