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Ukrainian Company AgroGloryTime Introduces Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Crypto Investments


As the company that is now in the driver’s seat in the cryptocurrency industry, AgroGloryTime is ecstatic to announce the launch of their innovative new solutions, which have been designed to boost both the customers’ sense of security and their level of productivity. Cryptocurrency and the real world come together with AGTI, a hybrid financial instrument that gives clients the opportunity to invest without relying on traditional forms of capitalization or financing from banking institutions.

About AgroGloryTime

AgroGloryTime is an agricultural property in Ukraine that encompasses 2,000 hectares of land and is located directly on the international boundaries with Hungary and Romania. They have a sophisticated greenhouse on their land, which now generates an annual revenue of roughly $2 million and is still undergoing expansion.

AgroGloryTime, as a company, is committed to the application of farming practices that are respectful to the environment and presently cultivates a broad variety of vegetables outdoors. With an eye toward the future, the company plans to expand the range of operations it engages in to include the farming of mushrooms and fish in addition to the creation of infrastructure and processing facilities for industrial goods.

How AgroGloryTime Is Different

AgroGloryTime designed their AGTI token according to a one-of-a-kind model that enables them to mutually benefit from attracting cryptocurrencies from all over the world, which is now so important for Ukraine, using them in agribusiness, and paying profits to token owners; while avoiding bureaucratic delays and burdens. AgroGloryTime created their AGTI token according to this model and they have based them on the following model principles:

The AGTI Token Model Principles

At AgroGloryTime, they are committed to revolutionizing the agricultural industry through the use of augmented distributed computing and blockchain technology. Their unique token model, the AGTI token, is based on the principles of transparency and profitability for their token holders.

All funds from the sale of the token are directed towards the business and 75% of agribusiness profits are paid out to token holders quarterly in USDT. Furthermore, the profitability and the price of the token are gradually growing with the capitalization of the company, making it more profitable for early investors, but still offering good returns for those who invest later.

Since August 2022, the price of the token has increased from 3 to 8 cents, paying an average of 85% per annum, and over 11 million tokens have been sold, which is in line with their model. In addition, they are launching a multi-level referral program in February, which will allow token holders to earn extra income by promoting the ideas of AgroGloryTime, which is uniting the crypto world and real business.

The Reasons Why Agribusiness Thrives In The Market

In February, AgroGloryTime announced a new and unique utility function for its AGTI token as part of its ideology. The utility function has the potential to increase the demand and price of the AGTI token significantly, while simultaneously increasing the capitalization of agribusiness, once it is understood and accepted by the world.

This, combined with the company’s profitable agribusiness referral program, and the AGTI token’s utilitarian function, provides token holders with both active and passive income opportunities. It also helps to spread the ideas of AgroGloryTime of changing the world and business through augmented distributed computing and supporting the economic sustainability of Ukrainian business in difficult conditions, without resorting to loans, grants, donations, but relying on cost-effective and mutually beneficial work strategies.

In conclusion, AgroGloryTime is leading the way in the agricultural industry with its innovative approach and use of augmented distributed computing and blockchain technology. Their AGTI token is made to give token holders transparency, profitability, and utility. When combined with the company’s profitable agribusiness and referral program, it gives both active and passive income opportunities to all of its clients.

They are committed to their vision of changing the world and business with their unique technology and helping Ukrainian businesses stay afloat during the war by using work strategies that are both cost-effective and innovative. They are looking forward to their continued growth and success and are excited about the future of agribusiness.

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