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Top Crypto Owner Nations in the World


  • Banking the Unbanked’ is becoming the existential truth.
  • A recent survey from Bybit and Toluna revealed boomers are crypto supporters.

Cryptocurrency adoption and acceptance have increased the phase and broken down various barriers and stereotypes. The phrase ‘Banking the Unbanked’ is becoming the existential truth. As per stats from DataReportal in 2022, one in ten working-age people is holding or using cryptocurrency. One similar image with such a record is also been circulated among the micro-blogging site at present.

Though the origin and credibility of the image remain mysterious, the data showed more or fewer matches last year’s record. It is a cumulative figure of internet users in the age width of 16 to 64 years. Along with that, they are also owners of certain cryptos. 

The backing technology to cryptocurrency is the blockchain, and there is some talk about millennials and gen Z being its greatest adapters. But a recent survey from Bybit and Toluna revealed a surprising fact, boomers are the greatest supporters of digital assets. 

Cryptocurrency Ownership

In the 2022 report, GWI data revealed the fact the adoption of crypto has increased by 37% when compared to the previous year 2021. And predicted the number to increase even more by 2023. Unfortunately, the crypto market had surprises in stock. The fall of leading tokens and unpleasant events lead to a skeptical environment.

From a geographical perspective, the top 5 crypto owner countries are Turkey, Argentina, the Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand. The percentage of crypto holders in all these countries is over 21%. Whereas, last year the topmost country also had only 20.1% owners.

The position of the USA has shifted from 14th to 15th with 15.1% ownership. Simultaneously, UAE and India have moved up in positions to 9th and 12th. The massive change in everyday crypto payments may take years. But baby steps for that stage are implemented every day. 

And according to TripleA’s estimation, there will be 420 million crypto owners by the end of 2023. The users will be educated and will have an average annual income of $ 25,000.

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