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THROWBACK: When Prince William opened up on ‘happy times’ with brother Prince Harry and dad Prince Charles

A lot has changed in the royal family since the past few years among which the most significant one has been the bond between royal siblings, Prince William and Prince Harry. Following his marriage to Meghan Markle in 2018, the Duke of Sussex stepped down from his royal duties and moved to the US in 2020 thus resulting in a rift between the duo. 

While Prince William and Prince Harry may not be on the same page today, the siblings had been close for years. In a 2004 interview with AP, the Duke of Cambridge spoke about his bond with his brother Harry and father Prince Charles. The royal opened up about being a “close family” and reflected on how despite their busy schedules the trio shared a close-knit bond.

Speaking about how like any regular family, they also have their moments of disagreements, Prince William said, “We get along really well Harry and I and our father. We are a very close family. There are disagreements obviously as all families. And they’re big disagreements. But when there’s happy times we have a really good time. It’s just difficult getting all of us in the same house at the same point. Obviously, father is really busy. Harry is travelling wherever and I’m up here. It’s just difficult but its all good”, via AP. 

Prince William is currently a senior member of the royal family and second in the line of succession to the British throne after his father, Prince Charles. The Duke of Cambridge has won the appreciation of royal experts for bringing a modern touch to monarchy with his work. Recently, the Duke and his family including wife Kate Middleton and kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis attended Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Prince William and Prince Charles also received the royal salute on behalf of the Queen in the Trooping the Colour ceremony marking the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

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