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This ergonomic leash also has a built-in flashlight


Even if you love walking your dog, it can be a lot of work. Especially if you have an energetic breed. It’s not just the walk itself. You also have all these supplies to grab: doggy bags, a flashlight if it’s dark, and of course, the leash. It might be a little easier if all of that was attached to one comfortable handle. The PET (Pooch Excursion Trainer) Leash is an all-in-one strong dog leash that packs everything you and your pup need for your walk. For a limited time, the PET Leash is on sale for only $46.99 (Reg. $115). 

When you take your dog out for a walk, you want them to be safe and comfortable, and it wouldn’t hurt if you were comfortable too. The PET Leash packs a 9.8-foot strong nylon tether into a retractable handle with a built in cushioned silicone grip. Keep your dog on a firm lead and keep your hand from getting twisted up in a leash that’s little better than a rope. 

PET (Pooch Excursion Trainer) Leash

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If you want to limit your dog’s roaming distance, the easy one-button locking mechanism stops the leash at your desired length. For night and early-morning walks, you can use the built-in rechargeable LED light. It’s great for keeping your dog in view or making sure you don’t miss anything your pup leaves behind on someone’s lawn. 

When it’s time to clean up after your dog, the PET Leash has a detachable, refillable waste bag holder that can be on hand at all times. No more searching for a doggy bag station when you’ve always got them with you. When you get home, hang up the leash by its lanyard. You just have to deal with your dog whining at it when they want to go out again. 

For a limited time, you can get the PET (Pooch Excursion Trainer) Leash on sale for $46.99 (Reg. $115).

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