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This collar-mounted laser pointer is the perfect cat toy

How much does your cat like to play? Every cat needs to feel like a hunter sometimes, but you probably don’t always have time to grab the laser pointer and play for as long as your cat would like, and you can’t always put them on a leash and head out for some supervised hunting.

The KiTiDOT is a collar-mounted laser pointer that sends your cat on a hunt that you can sit back and watch. For a limited time, the KiTiDOT is on sale for only $23.95 (Reg. $25). 

For how much joy your cat can get from it, laser pointers are a pretty simple toy.

It’s not a stretch to see that a collar-mounted laser pointer that’s always (literally) one step ahead of the hunter could be satisfying for cat and owner.

While it’s on, your cat could have the time of their life. Just put the KiTiDOT on your cat like any other kitty collar. The collar is made of soft, non-toxic materials, but that’s not the most exciting thing about it. Point the laser pointer anywhere within the 45-degree adjustable range, turn it on, and let your cat go. Experiment with your cat’s hunting preferences by switching between Normal, Constant, and Flickering modes without worrying that someone is going to accidentally point a laser in your cat’s eye. The well-fit design makes it virtually impossible for your cat to catch a wayward laser in the eye. 

When playtime is over, just remove the collar from your cat and maybe give them a pet for being such a good hunter. Then you can go recharge the collar with the included Micro-USB cable in preparation for next time. 

Automate your cat’s playtime and get a show in the process. Right now, get the KiTiDOT Cat Collar Toy on sale for only $23.95 (Reg. $25). 

Prices subject to change.

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