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‘The View’: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Denounces Supreme Court Gun Ruling: “We Are Less Safe”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared on The View Friday, where he blasted yesterday’s expansion of gun rights, which directly affects his city. Adams reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down New York’s longstanding concealed carry law, ripping the ruling as unsafe.

While appearing on The View, Adams said, “We are still analyzing the decision, but one thing is clear: We are less safe as New Yorkers and as Americans.”

He continued, “The Supreme Court looked at the historic role of guns and not the present reality that we are facing right now. What it says, in essence, is that New York City, like other cities, we had a right to have an individual prove the need to have a gun. Now, we are seeing that removed, where individuals can come in front of the city and we have to justify the reason of not giving them a gun, and that is going to send a chilling impact.”

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that Americans can publicly carry firearms for self-defense, effectively striking down New York’s longstanding law that citizens must prove a “special need” or “proper cause” for concealed carry in public.

His words closely aligned with The View panel, all of whom expressed outrage on Thursday’s (June 23) show over the ruling. Whoopi Goldberg slammed the Supreme Court on yesterday’s episode, accusing the judges giving a “middle finger to New York” with their “insane” ruling.

Goldberg’s co-host Ana Navarro was also angered by the decision, which she ripped as “tone-deaf to the very American epidemic and reality we are living.”

“We are in a state where just a month ago, there was a mass shooting at a supermarket, where people are not safe,” Navarro said, referencing the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, that killed 10 people in May.

She added, “We are at a time in American politics where the pressure and the outrage by Americans — the majority of Americans — is such that we’re finally seeing bipartisan movement in the Senate on crafting a gun reform legislation,” before noting that the Supreme Court ruling marked a “victory” for the National Rifle Association.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Watch Adams’ comments in the video above.

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