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The New Era NFT Project on Ethereum Blockchain

The New Era NFT Project on Ethereum Blockchain
  • Kryptoria NFT project will start to mint on Ethereum.
  • Kryptoria is sci-fi inspired massive multiplayer online game.

In August 2022, a new era of the NFT project Kryptoria will start to mint on Ethereum. It will be the first project to integrate an immersive game with tangible, and holders can get long-term benefits from the project.

Founders, Thomas McAlpine, and Will Askew have chosen to forego the anonymity traditional to Web3. They are implementing the most exciting roadmap ever seen in the NFT market while working openly with partners and holders. In their words:

We’ve built it from the ground up as a vehicle to embed commercial deals with irl brands. Bridging the gap between Web2 and 3 is vital for our goal in generating mass adoption of the space.

A New Era NFT Project Benefit 

Kryptoria, is VC-backed and developed by a fully-doxxed team, it adds a new level of accessibility to the NFT market. It offers a unique level of quality and sophistication. The engine powers 50% of games and 60% of virtual reality content.

The NFT project is a multiplayer online game with a science fiction theme that takes place in a wide. It is a kind of dystopian parallel universe, and holders are able to expand their kingdoms by conducting trade and engaging in battles with other players. 

With exceptional art, there is a significant emphasis on offering shared experiences for a community of holders. A world designed in Unity, and its the most immersive gaming mechanics in an NFT game until now.

Also, holders will be able to add or remove traits from their NFTs, such as clothing, weaponry, or accessories, for a small gas price. The web3 community has unique and dynamic demography and the majority of its members grew up just using the internet.

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