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The Mystic in Every (effective) Lawyer


The stereotype of The Lawyer is the rational rule-bound combative machine. 

However, that only applies to the bottom-feeders in law as well as the elite who underachieve for their clients.

The reality has long been this: Effective lawyers have also operated on the same platform as mysticism. That is, they transcend the traditional hardened categories of how to interpret the law and are able to fuse with what is or could be. 


Alan Dershowitz and the legalities associated with Claus von Bulow

Brad Karp with Citigroup

Charles Harder with Hulk Hogan.

Lawyers like definitions. In my time of giving Tarot readings about careers I have come across myriad definitions for “mysticism.” The one I found spot-on is from “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee. Essentially that goes like this. Mysticism:

“… opens the door of the subconscious by drawing from ancient archetypes found deep within our collective subconscious minds.”

The unique payoff of passing through that door is two-fold. 1) It accesses a collective force field filled with tools for extracting the core of the self, wisdom and much more, and 2) There is the formatting of that for the unique individual. Nothing generic about it.

No two lawyers are alike. That’s exactly why in every and all branches of the mystical there are no absolute answers. Sure, as I hammer in this article, there are guides for interpretation. However, what overrides those are the in-the-now flashes or feelings of what is, what could be, and what really had been.

So, how to open the door?

The ways are unlimited, including being still, meditation, prayer, Tarot readings, experiencing nature, and forcing the “monkey mind” is calm down for a few minutes. Instead of pushing forward on a legal assignment non-stop, lawyers can take a two-minute break and resolve to blur the usual boundaries of perception and experience. With practice, lawyers can loop into that trance state immediately on demand.

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