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Texas woman runs over neighbor after dispute over trash cans


A feud between neighbors over trash took a dirty turn during their most recent interaction.

Texas woman Lakisha Broomfield alleges Sydney Harris barreled her over with an SUV on Jan. 4 after she used Harris’ trash bins.

The altercation allegedly began after Broomfield placed some of her trash into Harris’ cans over the holidays, according to WFAA.

Harris told the outlet that Broomfield pushed her twice before she got into her car. She then plowed into Broomfield’s cans and knocked Broomfield to the pavement.

“I can’t believe any person would hop into a car and hit a person the way she hit me,” Broomfield told the outlet.

Harris claims she never meant to hit her neighbor, only Broomfield’s trash bins. The assailant also told the outlet she suffers from a disorder causing mobility issues.

Allen County Police arrested Harris on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Jan. 13.

Sydney Harris hits Lakisha Broomfield with her car.
Harris alleged that Broomfield pushed her twice before she got in the SUV.

Sydney Harris hits Lakisha Broomfield with her car.
The collision launched Broomfield about six feet to the ground.


Lakisha Broomfield
Broomfield claims to suffer from PTSD and panic attacks.


The residents’ feud had intensified in recent years, with Harris stealing her neighbor’s water and allegedly throwing rocks at Broomfield’s car and screaming at her children.

“I’m having some PTSD, a lot of anxiety a lot of panic attacks,” Broomfield claimed. “I just want the peace… the peace of mind and no issues.”

Harris noted she has nothing against her neighbor.


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