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Tell-tale signs that indicate you are in a complicated relationship

Having a special someone in your life can be a truly wonderful feeling. Yet, nothing can be more infuriating than being in a relationship without knowing the status of your love. Are you just dating or are you exclusive? Can you see other people, as it is an open relationship? Well, let’s just say that sometimes a label can be a good thing to avoid a messy relationship. But if your partner has left you feeling confused lately, then look out for a few signs that tell you, you’re in a complicated relationship.

  1. They like you but there’s a ‘but’

There are times in some relationships where your partner might confess that they have feelings for you. But at the same time, they tell you that they have a lot going on professionally, or some complications in the personal life that ensure they are not able to give you their hundred percent. This makes things complex.

complicated relationship couple

  1. They’re keeping your love a secret

Having a secret lover unbeknownst to the world can be an exciting feeling that gives you all the thrills in the pit of your stomach. But prolonging the time during which one or both of you are choosing to keep your love a secret (even if it is to avoid the scandal should it fall apart) can bode trouble. Showing off your lover to your friends and family can have a satisfying impact on the relationship. But if your partner doesn’t wish to do so even after months of being together, then you know things are more complicated than they seem.

  1. You’re dating but not committed yet

There is often a phase in the early stages of meeting someone, when you are unsure of where the relationship is headed. Do you want to be together, or do you want to see more people? In this nascent stage when you’re dating, but not committed, the relationship can be complicated.

  1. They’re considering get back with their ex

If you know that your crush has recently gotten out of a long-term relationship or had a brutal breakup; they still may be chances that they are trying to get back together with their ex. This makes your budding romance with your partner unstable and complicated.

the complicated relationship

If the status of your relationship has been bothering you lately, the best solution is to have an open conversation with your crush. You can discuss taking things to the next level or breaking them off.

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