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Taurus to Virgo, Women of these Zodiac signs make the BEST drivers

Most people who drive have a very special relationship with their cars where they are fiercely protective about their automobiles. In fact, some people are prone to fits of road rage on the street when they are impeded by reckless drivers or overtaken by another vehicle. Yet, women of some Zodiac signs have an uncanny way to drive with complete patience and a great deal of navigational skill. From Taurus to Virgo, here’s why women of these Zodiac signs make the BEST drivers.


A hardworking Taurus understands that the key to a successful drive is 100% preparation before they begin their journey. Right from filling up the car with petrol or CNG to fixing minor scratches on the paint job; Taurus women are very particular about their look and feel of their vehicles. They adhere strictly to traffic rules in their city and do not believe in breaking them. While some commuters might be frustrated by long jams and infuriatingly crowded streets, a Taurus woman will always show patience on the road.


Women of the zodiac sign cancer are very cautious and meticulous by nature. And this very nature translates to safer driving practices, as they do not drive recklessly. They give the indicators before every turn and methodically check out the rear-view mirror is well as the side mirrors to ensure that they are not speeding or impeding any other vehicle on the road. This water sign is a worrier by nature and hence, they feel responsible for everyone on the road.

cancer sign of the zodiac


Right from being anxious about pedestrian safety to meticulously researching every traffic rule in the city where they reside; a Virgo woman will prepare in every way possible before she gets into the car. They wish to ensure that their being on street ensures the smooth flow of traffic and they do not hesitate to stop their car by the side of the road and regulate the traffic should there be a traffic jam along the road or a pothole which people can’t navigate around.

virgo earth sign

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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