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Sylvester Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce because of their huge age-gap?

After news came out that Jennifer Flavin had filed for a divorce from her husband Sylvester Stallone after 25 years of their marriage, all wondered why their relationship would have crumbled. Sometime before Flavin filed for the divorce, she was happily celebrating her 25th anniversary with the Rocky actor, now a source in a conversation with People opened up about the fumbles in the couple’s rock-solid relationship.

During a chat with the outlet, a source shared that age might have been a factor for their split as Sylvester is 76 and Flavin 54. They said the two “are very different people, age-wise and in temperament.” The insider also claimed that things had changed after their long companionship, “What was once exciting and challenging is now routine and irritating.” The source also suggested that Stallone’s impulsiveness might have been a factor in the couple’s divorce as they added, “He tends to do things on a whim without asking her before.”

Previously, Stallone did clarify the rumour that insinuated that the pair were getting a divorce after fighting over their pet dog. The actor admitted that while they did butt heads on the subject of their Rottweiler, Dwight, the dog was not the reason behind their split. However, the source noted that “disagreements on little things add up after so many years together.” 

Meanwhile, another source had before echoed the same sentiments as they revealed, “It really wasn’t just one issue that made her file for divorce. They have had lots of issues for years and she just had enough.”

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