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Sweet potato desserts from around the world to intrigue your palate

While we all have a barrage of chocolate laced desserts at our fingertips with food delivery apps and goodies like cookies and ice creams; being spoilt for choice makes you crave something unconventional. Well, what if your cravings for an offbeat dessert were met with something that was healthy and nutritious in addition to being unique in preparation! The humble Shakarkandi or sweet potato does precisely this for it can be cooked into a variety of sweet treats. Take a look at some potato laced desserts from around the world that you can try your hand at-

  1. Hyderabadi Sweet Potato Dessert

This is a desi dish that results in bite sized pieces of sweet potatoes that are sweet, crumbly and melt in your mouth. The best part is that the recipe details a way in which you can boil and mash sweet potatoes without letting it lose its nutritional content. So, this dessert is packed with vitamins and minerals, making your sweet treat a little less sinful. Take a look-

  1. Classic Jamaican potato pudding

This one’s a doozy for it is a pudding made from plain old aloo or potatoes. Primarily made as a Jamaican dish traditionally served on festive occasions, this can be made with sweet potatoes as well as the regular tubers. You will need butter, sugar, almond essence, eggs, flour and of course peeled and cubed potatoes. You can garnish it with raisins or dried plums for a unique flavor.

  1. Japanese sweet potato delicacy

If you find yourself in a predicament where your kids have been badgering you for a sweet delicacy they can savor, but you only have potatoes at home, then this dish is for you. It is graced with vanilla to give it a pleasing flavor and dressed with sesame seeds. Made quite simply, with basic ingredients, it is a wholesome dessert that’s kid-friendly. Take a look-

  1. Shakarkandi Halwa

Halwa is a beloved dessert cooked primarily by desis in India and beyond. It is conventionally made with flour or semolina, although fruit laced halwa are also gaining popularity. This recipe creates a shakarkandi Halwa or sweet potato halwa that is ideal for people who are fasting during the days of Navratri or for similar Vrat. Nevertheless, it is timeless classic that you should definitely try your hand at.

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