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Surprisingly mature things to say when someone breaks up with you

Falling in love can be one of the most beautiful experiences you have in life. But conversely, breakups can be brutal. It seems unfair that you need the mutual consent of two people to start a relationship but the end of feelings on one person’s behalf can suffice to end the relationship. Nevertheless, this is the way of the world. But if you happen to be the one who has been forsaken by your partner, then you must make a graceful exit by saying some of these surprisingly mature statements.

ending a love

  1. When you didn’t see it coming: This is quite upsetting but, I respect your decision to part ways.
  2. When you do not wish to stay friends: I’m glad of all the good memories we of times we spent together, hoping you have a great future.
  3. When you’re bidding goodbye to a toxic love: We have had our fair share of arguments, and I am glad you’re ending things before matters get worse. After all, peace of mind is critical for sound mental health.
  4. For ending the office romance: I know we haven’t always agreed on things lately, but I hope we can continue to work together amicably.
  5. When you want a second chance: I understand where you are coming from, because we’ve been fighting lately. But I care about you a great deal and I think we could be good together. Perhaps we can discuss this again after we have a few days to think about things?
  6. When you wish you’d broken up with them: We’ve been at a stalemate in this relationship for a while, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t glad you brought this up.
  7. The mutual breakup: I wish you well and I’d like to stay friends even if we both date other people.
  8. When it has been a long-term relationship: This is too sudden for my liking. Can you give me a couple of days to process things before we discuss this again?

ending a love relationship

Remember that no problem is so large that it cannot be resolved between two willing hearts. Talk it out but above all, be willing to accept their decision and do not attempt to stalk them.

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