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Steven Gerrard Set To Do Liverpool Huge Favour In A Post-pre-season Agreement

Former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard set to do the club as huge favour in a post-pre-season agreement

With a game scheduled against Aston Villa the day after the opening match against Fulham, Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Liverpool will extend their pre-season into the start of the league season proper.

The top Reds writer for the Echo retweeted the German’s comments and underlined that the match will be played behind closed doors.

This comes as the club have handed an extended summer break to some stars following what was a tasking 2021/22 season, which included 63 club games.

Given the recent high demands placed on the squad and the fact that the World Cup will be held in the winter, we completely believe this plan is the best one. However, it has unfortunately drawn criticism from some quarters.


In the end, the five-sub rule means that it is now crucial for teams to have their entire squad prepared to rotate in and out as needed and to a high standard, rather than only having their starting lineup on the opening day of the season.

As a result, anyone who received few (or no) minutes against the Cottagers will probably play a significant role in the following match against the Villa on Sunday.

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