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Shop NFL jerseys to support your team in the 2023 playoffs


Has anyone ever noted that football is rather like a game of chess? At least, insofar as the quarterbacks (queens) attempt to penetrate an opposing team’s defensive line (pawns), and deliver a swift victory (checkmate, or touchdown) to the endzone (king).

Or maybe is it that football is actually like boxing? Or tennis?

We’ll work on the analogy, but the important takeaway is that we’ve officially entered NFL Playoff season. This past weekend saw the conclusion of the Wildcard Round, with upsets, fumbles, and touchdowns abound. Certain favorites didn’t make it through, others trounced the competition with ease. Which, now that we think about it, is yet another reason football is rather like a game of chess: you never know what might happen.

With Superbowl LVI a little less than a month away, we’re left with eight teams standing: the Buffalo Bills, the New York Giants, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the San Fransisco 49ers.

The Divisional Round begins this Saturday, and before the kickoff, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite deals on jerseys and merch from the remaining contenders. Below, we’ve chosen some of our favorite deals by matchup.

Read through, click through, and be the fan your team deserves.

Blue Jaguars jersey.

The Jaguars made an incredible comeback last weekend. Down 27 points in the first half to the Chargers, the Jags forced L.A.’s second-half collapse and eked a 31-30 victory over the favored Chargers to make it to the Divisional Round. If that’s not something worth celebrating, we don’t know what is. For just $130, you can show your support to 23-year-old QB Trevor Lawrence and pick up his jersey (pictured above).

Red Chiefs hoodie.

The Jags might’ve looked good on Saturday, but the Chiefs are still the favorite to win the whole pot. Show your true Kansas City colors with this Call the Shot pullover hoodie, (down to just $49 from $70), or boast that the Chiefs have already won a divisional prize this year with the AFC West Division Champs T-Shirt, just $35.

Blue Giants hat.

Saturday’s late game, to many’s surprise, features the New York Giants, who beat out the odds against Minnesota, on the Viking’s home turf, no less. Let your family, friends, or fellow bar patrons know who you’re rooting for with this Women’s Confetti Clean Up Adjustable Hat, now just $32.

Green Jalen Hurts jersey.

For the Giants to advance, they’ll now have to defeat their biggest rivals, the Eagles, which will be no easy task. Philadelphia conceded just three games in the regular season, and seem to have the drive to win it all this year. Show your support with this Jalen Hurts jersey in Midnight Green, just $130 at Fanatics. Also available: this NFC East Divisional Champion cap in heather gray, for just $30.

Blue and black Bills reversible jacket.

If fans were worried that Damar Hamlin’s horrible injury and subsequent hospitalization would knock the Bills off course, Sunday’s win over the Dolphins should have put a little wind back in their sails. Maybe if you snag this Bills Reversible core jacket (down to $70 from $100), they might score their first Super Bowl victory this year. You never know…

Orange Joe Burrow jersey.

To make the Conference Championships, however, the Bills have to get through Joe Burrow’s Bengals  – no easy task. At just 26, Burrow is headed back to the NFL Playoffs for the second year in a row. Think that’s cool? Try this Joe Burrow Alternate Game Jersey in orange, just $130 from Fanatics.

Cream colored Cowboys Fitted Hat.

After winning out just last night over Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, the Cowboys seem again like they have one goal in mind: winning the Super Bowl. Show your support with this New Era Sideline Fitted Hat, down to just $32 from $46.

Brock Purdy white 49ers jersey.

Last but not least, the San Fransisco 49ers. Despite more than a few quarterback troubles this season, they’re still looking great. Show some support to former Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy – who may just become the most relevant QB in football in the NFL if he continues at this rate – with his jersey, available on Fanatics for just $130.

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