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Shep Rose cheated on Taylor more than once

Craig Conover insinuated that Shep Rose has actually cheated on Taylor Ann Green more than once.

During Thursday’s episode of “Southern Charm,” the guys went on a trip to Charlotte, NC, where Rose, 42, told Conover, 33, that Green, 27, is “always worried” whenever he goes on trips.

“Taylor’s anxious when you leave town because you keep cheating on her when you leave town,” Conover then claimed of Rose in a confessional.

“I mean, how is she supposed to be — just like, sleep peacefully at night?”

In January, Rose admitted to cheating on Green after kissing and texting “an old flame.” However, the couple decided to stay together at the time.

Rose’s conversation with Conover came after he had a fight with Green via FaceTime over her “anxiety” when he travels.

Shep Rose talking on "Southern Charm."
Rose had previously admitted kissing “an old flame” and cheating on Green.

“I’ve said it over and over again: I am not gonna stop going to places and doing things,” he told Green in a hot-mic moment, to which she warned him that she would not be “left because of a wandering eye.”

Rose argued in a confessional, “I’m not gonna sit here and defend myself for the rest of my life because that’s a surefire way for things to end with me at least.”

As the night went on, Green blew up Rose’s phone, sending him long paragraphs. Frustrated, he went on to talk to another girl at a bar and buy her a drink.

Taylor Ann Green posing for her "Southern Charm" promo photo.
Green was “anxious” that Rose would cheat on her when she wasn’t around.
Stephanie Diani/Bravo

“She’s texting him being like, ‘Are you gonna cheat on me tonight?’ She’s just super f–king insecure about everything,” Austen Kroll told Conover in confidence.

“What’s happening is that Taylor thinks it’s only a campfire,” Conover replied. “What Shep’s freaking out about is there are landmines and accelerant and gasoline, and he goes, ‘If you keep stoking this campfire, it’s going to explode.’

“You know s–t, I know s–t, everyone knows s–t, except Taylor.”

Austen Kroll and Craig Conover talking on "Southern Charm."
“You know s–t, I know s–t, everyone knows s–t except Taylor,” Conover told Kroll.

It appears Green finally had enough, as People reported Wednesday that she and Rose broke up after two years of dating.

A source told the magazine, “[He] refused to commit to Taylor, telling her that he doesn’t want to be with just one person and change his lifestyle.”

Another insider added, “She’s incredibly hurt, but she knows that she deserves a guy who will fight for her, not one who is so selfish,” claiming Rose will “regret this.”

Chleb Ravenell, Austen Kroll, Olivia Flowers, Leva Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Naomi Olindo, Venita Aspen, and Taylor Ann Green posing for a "Southern Charm" promo photo.
Rose previously admitted that filming the new season affected his relationship.
Stephanie Diani/Bravo

The “Average Expectations” author admitted to Page Six earlier this month that filming the new season “took a toll” on his relationship with Green.

“You want everything to go well, and when you try too hard, usually things blow up in your face, and that’s sort of what happened,” he told us. “I saw the train coming, and I just ran into it instead of away from it.”

“Southern Charm” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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