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Sambhavna Seth on impact of failed IVF treatment

Sambhavna Seth is a popular name in the entertainment industry. She is married to Avinash Dwivedi and the couple has been trying to start a family for some time now. The couple has been very open about her IVF treatment. She has earlier shared about the side effects and troubles one has to go through for the IFV treatment. The actress recently shared a video where she was seen getting teary-eyed as she revealed the reoccurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, which has made her everyday life difficult.

Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

The actress revealed that she used to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis years ago but now it’s back again. She said it’s all due to her failed IVF cycles and the medications she has been put on. Sambhavna informed me that her rheumatoid arthritis is back. She said all these problems started after her IVF treatment. The actress shared that her hands and feet feel stiff, and begin to pain or swell if she sits in the cold for long. She has now been given medication for a month.

Sambhavna broke down by talking about the fight that she puts up on a daily basis and the medication she has been having for IVF and other problems. She blamed herself for making her husband Avinash suffer because of her problems. She said, “Sometimes I get very frustrated like what is happening with me. Ek cheez nikalti hai, doosri cheez aa jati hai, doosri cheez theek nahi hoti, teesri cheez aa jati hai. I feel bad for Avinash. He has to suffer so much.”

Increase in weight due to medication

In another video, Sambhavna talked about people trolling her for her excess weight. She slammed them for saying mean things to her and revealed that it was because of the fourth failure of her IVF that she put on weight. Even Avinash came to her defence and said the medical procedures aren’t easy and lead to hormonal imbalance in the body.

Psychological impact

In several of her videos, Sambhavna has opened up about the physical and emotional stress that one goes through during the IVF treatment and failed cycles. She said not many in the industry have spoken about the painful and emotionally draining process it is. She also added that she suffers from mood swings and irritation but is determined to give it her best shot.

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