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Salaam Venky: Kajol can’t keep calm as she shares screen space again with Kamal Sadanah after 30 years

What happens when you meet friends after 30 years? At that moment, the past flashes in front of your eyes within a fraction of a second and you feel a sense of joy from within. This is what happened with popular Bollywood actor Kajol as she met her co-actor Kamal Sadanah on the sets of Salaam Venky. For the unaware, Kajol made her debut with the film Bekhudi in the year 1992 alongside Sadanah in the lead role. 

Kajol reunites with Kamal Sadanah after 30 years

After a gap of 30 years, Kajol and Kamal Sadanah will be seen together in director Revathi’s film Salaam Venky. Feeling thrilled and absolutely happy to know about this development, Kajol, in a viral video can be seen tightly hugging Kamal and is heard saying to Revathy, “Oh my god, you didn’t tell me. I am so happy. This is amazing.”

Recently, the trailer of Salaam Venky was launched. Speaking on the occasion, Revathy said, “I didn’t tell Kajol about Kamal playing a part in the film. There’s a very important scene between the two of them. It was a big surprise for her.”

Kamal Sadanah also recalled how he felt after working with Kajol. He, as reported by Indian Express, added, “Shooting with Kajol again made me think that I was on the sets of Bekhudi. She still speaks non-stop and I had to pick my chair up and move to the other side (laughs). But it has been great fun.”

Kajol also spoke on the occasion and said to the media persons, “First five to ten minutes, I didn’t say anything. I kept screaming. It was just really nice. We’ve met in between and we know of each other’s whereabouts and everything that’s happening in our lives. But it was lovely working with him again.”

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