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Saavi Ki Sawaari episode 1 review

A young girl Saavi, also a huge devotee of Lord Mahadev never fails to offer her prayers to the divine. Saavi believes in living life to the fullest and thoroughly believes in the power of the divine and her most priced possession- her rickshaw. On the other hand, Nityam, a bigshot business of Ujjain only believes in the power of hard work and his mother’s blessings.

Nityam chooses to consciously remain ignorant of the power of Lord Mahadev and the importance of love owing to a childhood trauma, that has made him tough-hearted.

Based in the city of Ujjain, Saavi Ki Saawari revolves around Saavi and Nityam whose lives clash forming a fun, mature, and interesting storyline. The two who are poles apart in nature have a very niche personality of their own. While Saavi is a fun-loving, selfless and helpful girl, Nityam is a strict and tough man who lives life within his self-set disciplinary protocols.

Saavi’s family loves her for her simplicity and more for the fact that they can take undue advantage of her selflessness. While there are a few good members in her family, Saavi’s elder sister never fails to throw around sass and toxicity over Saavi owing to her own insecurities and jealousy. Despite all of the family pressures, financial issues, and being the sole bread earner of the family, Saavi is still happy and content with her life and braves all fights with a broad smile on her face.

On the other hand, Nityam despite being filthy rich is not mentally in good health. The young businessman who is heavily affected by his childhood trauma is yet to heal from it, making him lead a disturbed life. Nityam’s mother who is worried for her son only wishes for a mature life partner for him who shall understand him and fill his life with much-needed love and stability.

What happens when Saavi and Nityam cross paths shall further form the crux of the show going ahead.

For the uninitiated, Saavi Ki Sawaari is an official remake of the hit Marathi serial Jeev Mazha Guntala. The Hindi version Saavi Ki Sawaari stars Samridhi Shukla, Farman Haider as Saavi and Nityam. The show also boasts of a stellar star cast featuring Indira Krishnan, Soma Rathod, Adish Vaidya, Mansi Srivastava, Anoop Puri, Fenil Umrigar, Aayushree Sangle, Chaya Vora, and Pankaj Bhatia.

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