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Robinhood Announces Launch of Media-Focused Subsidiary ‘Sherwood’


  • The new media group would report on money and banking issues and a lot more.
  • The publication will be led by former editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Verge.

U.S. retail trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc. announced on January 17 that it has launched a media-focused subsidiary named Sherwood Media, LLC. The exile Robin Hood of legend is said to have spent his early years in the “Sherwood” woodland, thus the name. The new media group would report on money and banking issues, as well as corporate and economic trends, technological developments, and popular attitudes toward wealth.

In light of the popularity of Robinhood’s daily markets and business newsletter, Snacks, this new firm will serve as an extension of Robinhood’s brand and a method of acquiring new clients.

News Organization For the Next Wave

The publication, led by former editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Verge Joshua Topolsky, will soon serve as the new home of Snacks as well as other new products that will cover finance & money holistically, along with related topics like cryptocurrencies, technology, and geopolitics. Before joining Sherwood, Topolsky was the Chief Digital Content Officer at Bloomberg and had a hand in founding Vox Media.

Topolsky, who just joined Sherwood Media as its editor-in-chief and president, said he was thrilled to be part of a group that would have the “unique opportunity, position, and perspective” to build a “news organization for the next wave.” Also, the new president at Sherwood plans to cultivate commercial options for the editorial pieces he is creating, and Robinhood will offer funds to help construct the outlet.

Topolsky plans to hire hundreds of people this year for the new organization, including reporters, editors, and social media content creators. In addition to Snacks, he wants to roll out additional email features for other areas of business and finance.

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