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Red Sox fans turn on each other in miserable July


Amidst the Red Sox’s atrocious play in July, Boston fans are literally up in arms. 

Two fans came to blows during Monday night’s game between the Red Sox and Cleveland Guardians at Fenway Park. According to one onlooker who recorded the fight, it stemmed from the fan wearing a red shirt dumping his beer on another fan in a white shirt.

Red Sox fans fight on July 26, 2022
Red Sox fans fight on July 26, 2022

“Just another Monday in Boston,” wrote Kiers Jenner, who posted the video on Twitter.

Although, what was unusual — at least for this month — is the Red Sox actually won. Boston pulled out a 3-1 victory over Cleveland, breaking a five-game losing streak.

Many of these losses have more closely resembled the scores of football games than baseball. The Yankees demolished the Sox to the tune of 14-1 and 13-2 on consecutive nights leading into the All-Star break. Upon return, the Blue Jays put up four touchdowns, pummeling Boston, 28-5. 

Jackie Bradley Jr. scores during the Red Sox's win over the Guardians.
Jackie Bradley Jr. scores during the Red Sox’s win over the Guardians.

The Red Sox and their noncompetitive performances are seemingly in a league of their own, as they’ve broken the MLB record for the worst run differential over five games on three separate occasions in the past ten days.


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