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Rashmika Mandanna’s Friendship Day POST

On Friendship Day 2022, Pushpa star Rashmika Mandanna penned a emotional note on Instagram. She wrote, “I am not someone who generally takes friendship day, hug day, chocolate day or Valentine’s Day very seriously, and I am not someone who puts my personal life out a lot… but these people in these photos (some are missing)… It’s a surprise for them too! But I just randomly wanted to say how important these people are in my life… I wouldn’t be the same person without them…Some who I grew up with, some who I work with, some who I am not in touch with very much but they have still managed to make a mark so deep in my heart that they will always and forever be special!  So you guys I love you. A notification from you makes me smile… The random calls good or bad make my heart happy… I love you! Thank you for making me the person I am today.You have a piece of my heart…”

Check out the post below:


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