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Rajkumar Santoshi claims ‘receiving threats’ ahead of Gandhi Godse-Ek Yudh release, seeks Police protection


Ever since Rajkumar Santoshi directorial film Gandhi Godse-Ek Yudh has been announced, all eyes are on it. The trailer has created a lot of hype about the film and fans are waiting to see what it has in store for them. The director will be returning to the big screen after a hiatus of almost 9 years with this one. But, even before the film’s release, it has attracted a lot of controversies. Recently, a few protestors interrupted a promotional event for the film. Gandhi Godse-Ek Yudh is slated to release this Republic Day, January 26, 2023, and ahead of its release, the director has written a letter to Mumbai’s special CP Deven Bharti seeking security for him and his family.

Rajkumar Santoshi’s letter seeking high security for him and his family

According to reports in ANI, Rajkumar Santoshi wrote a letter to Mumbai’s special CP Deven Bharti. In his letter he wrote, “My team (directors, producers & cast) for the movie Gandhi vs Godse, was in the middle of the press conference where it was interrupted by a group of people with vested interests.” The letter further read, “Later, several threats were received from some unknown people asking me to stop the release and promotion of this film. I feel unsafe and I further submit that grave damage and injury could be caused to me and my family members if such persons are set free and if no steps are taken by your good self and further losses would be caused not only to us but the public at large.”

Rajkumar Santoshi on casting for Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Rajkumar Santoshi said that big stars have greater reach, and can help an idea reach the audiences. However, he said that if the content doesn’t require a big star, casting them for the part wouldn’t be right. “Wo star ke liye bhi theek nahi hai, film ke liye bhi theek nahi hai,” he said.

Speaking about the casting for Gandhi and Godse, he shared that for personalities like Gandhi, and Godse, they didn’t need to cast big stars, as it would have taken away from their stories. “Mere liye Gandhi bohot bada hero hai, Godse ka bhi bohot bada naam hai. Toh inko logon tak le jaane ke liye mujhe kisi bade star ki zarurat nahi thi. Bade stars aate hi, ye nazar nahi aayenge. So maine wo decide hi kar liya tha achhe ‘actors’- theatre ke actors ke saath hi main ye film banaunga. Stars ko maine avoid kiya,” he said.


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