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Public Wants Ghislaine Maxwell to Continue Paying High Price for The Good Life

In Vanity Fair Dan Adler details how the advocacy campaign for Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t moved the dial on public opinion.

No way can her supporters, ranging from family to head lawyer Bobbi Steinheim, conjure up a persuasive argument for leniency in sentencing. So what that her father media tycooon Robert Maxwell allegedly had been a brute. Also, she enjoyed a very nice ride with Jeffrey Epstein of a lux lifestyle. That included socializing with celebrities and world leaders. 

The push from her lawyers is for four to five years of prison. In contrast, the federal probation department of the Southern District of New York is recommending 20 years of imprisonment. Born in 1960, she is now 60. Given current longevity, she could live to serve all those years in the slammer. 

What is amazing that she hasn’t figured out, despite close monitoring, how to commit suicide. After sentencing, she just might.

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