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Prince William invites Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to sit beside him at the Queen’s funeral

On Monday during the late Queen‘s funeral service at St. George’s Chapel, Prince William softly gestured towards his younger brother Prince Harry to join him and his family. Prince William brought along two of his children, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte and 9-year-old Prince George to the Queen’s final public service at the Westminster Abbey and also brought them along to the committal service. 

As all people at the chapel were settling down, Prince William was captured inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to sit beside Prince William and Kate Middleton, per ET. Meghan and Harry have been getting seats a few rows back at services for the Queen due to their reduced royal status after they quit the royal labels and embraced the lesser title of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Previously, many royalists noticed that at the Westminster Abbey service, the couple were seated beside their cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene in the second row, far apart from William’s family.

Seeing that William himself gestured for the couple to sit together, the Prince might be getting a whiff of the royal gossip stirring around or it might simply be that he wanted his brother to be near him during the committal service as all royals looked emotional during the day, while Princess Charlotte was even captured shedding tears for her great-grandma. The gesture by William comes as much of a surprise as during the long rituals and processions since the demise of the monarch, the estranged brothers have scarcely interacted with each other even though they were beside one another for long periods of time. William’s one gesture is sure to blow off some of the steam off of the rumours of a strained relationship between the royal brothers.

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