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People didn’t want to cast me in girl-next-door roles after…: Rakul Preet Singh- EXCLUSIVE


Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who had a busy 2022, is all set to kickstart 2023 with her upcoming film Chhatriwali, a social comedy that aims to destigmatize taboos surrounding the use of condoms and sex education. In 2022, Rakul Preet featured in five Hindi films including Cuttputli, Attack, Doctor G, Thank God and Runway 34. Each of her roles was quite different from the other, and fans are gearing up to see the actress in another unconventional role. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, the actress talked about stereotypes, and revealed that she doesn’t want to be slotted into a certain type of role.

Rakul Preet Singh on not wanting to be slotted into a certain type of role

When asked if she has been consciously choosing different kinds of roles, the actress said, “Not that I’m consciously trying to do that. It’s also a little bit of luck that these kinds of films have come in. I got Runway 34, which is absolutely different. Or whether it’s film like a Doctor G, which was so credible as a subject. So I just feel that somewhere in the back of my mind, I also do have a constant thought that I want to be as versatile.”

She added that she doesn’t want people to stereotype her in a certain role, and that as much as she wants to do commercial films, she also wants to be a part of hard-hitting movies. “I don’t want people to slot me as ‘achha, she can only do the dancing part, she’s a commercial actress, or we can’t take her in serious roles’. Which is why I want to do a little bit of this and that. I want to do the commercial naach-gaana, but then I want to do hard-hitting films and subject-oriented films as well. Because I think an actor’s job is to act and be versatile. If an actor is slotted, then you’re not an actor, and that’s my strong belief. And I think somewhere the luck and thought go hand-in-hand,” said Rakul Preet.

Rakul Preet Singh reveals people didn’t want to cast her in ‘girl-next-door’ roles after De De Pyaar De

Rakul Preet Singh was asked if she thought she has been stereotyped. She replied that she doesn’t know what the outside perspective about her is, and how people look at her. “But yes, at a point in my life like when De De Pyaar De released, and became a rage, I know that a lot of people said, ‘She’s glam, and she’s city, and we can’t cast her in girl-next-door roles.’ But the reality is that I’m actually a very basic girl-next-door innately,” she said.

She said that during Doctor G’s narration, there were a few people in the team who had second thoughts about Raku Preet Singh being the right person for the role, and whether she would ‘look like a small-town doctor or not’. The actress shared that it’s fair on the makers’ part to have a doubt, because they are the ones creating the film.

“I went up to them and I said to them ‘let’s do one thing, because half are pro-me and half are confused let’s do a look test. Put me in the look of the character’, because ultimately you have to be honest with the script. And even if I feel I’m not working for this role, I wouldn’t want to do it. And we did that and within 30 minutes I signed the film. I have no shame in saying ‘put me in the look and decide for yourself’ because I believe I can do every kind of role,” said Rakul Preet.

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