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OVER & Decentraland Make History Through the Biggest Cross-metaverse Event of the Year

Partnerships are the backbone of any successful company particularly if long-term success is to be guaranteed. With that in mind, Over the Reality (OVER) recently collaborated with Decentraland (MANA), which resulted in its participation in one of the largest cross-metaverse events ever, namely Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival 2022.

OVER’s objective here was to create a reality in which users could easily utilize AR (Augmented Reality) to improve and integrate everyday experiences. The MVMF22 was hence an excellent opportunity to advance this goal even further. Accessing the OVER Stage at the event was also quite simple as users needed only to download the OVER APP on their phones, log in and select the event banner at the top of the screen.

A Digital Event for the Ages

Decentraland has been making waves in the metaverse sector for quite some time now, particularly with its users being able to purchase digital property through the platform. On the other hand, OVER is a decentralized platform based on AR and blockchain technology which aims to revolutionize the way in which the fashion industry is seen. Most recently, the OVER team announced the expansion of the OVER Marketplace, an event which allowed for the inclusion of clothes and accessories much to the delight of the users who now have enhanced customization options for their respective digital identities.

The collaboration between Decentraland and OVER provided an opportunity to improve traditional entertainment experiences by adding a new dimension to enjoy. MVMF22 was therefore the first cross-metaverse collaboration between both platforms, and it featured popular DJs, producers, and artists from around the world, as well as an interactive DJ setlist presented on the OVER stage.

Moreover, users could enter the Decentraland metaverse and watch the DJ performance in video format, or they had the option of entering the OVER metaverse via the QR code on the OVER stage for a more immersive AR experience. In fact, OVER’s photorealistic AR technology enabled users to interact with others worldwide in real-time via custom, personalized 3D avatars via the OVER App, all for free.

OVER & Decentraland Was a Match Made in Heaven

MVMF22 was Over the Reality’s historic participation in the Decentraland event, one that involved two prominent Web3 platforms joining forces to create a unique cross-metaverse event in which technological innovation was not the central theme but a key component in spreading music, energy, warmth, and fun across the globe.

As previously mentioned, Over the Reality also had a stage at Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival 2022, which hosted internationally renowned DJs and artists, from the 10th to the 13th of November.

‘Regard’, an international DJ who has had massive success with viral TikTok hits like ‘Ride It’ and ‘Secrets,’ has nearly 2 billion Spotify streams. Regard headlined the event alongside Nicola Fasano, a global artist with 275 million YouTube views, ‘Let it Bleed’ producer Jamis, Dan:Ros, a DJ and producer, and beatboxing expert Azel. Other artists involved in the historic event included the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Soulja Boy.

The OVER team thoroughly enjoyed working on the project with the Decentraland team. The event provided an excellent opportunity for both teams to come together, dance, socialize, and connect with the community.

For additional information and updates, visit OVER’s official website and the social media channels.

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