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Onam 2022: Stunning ways you can update your home decor for this special festival

Onam is an auspicious festival from God’s own country, Kerala. This festival falls in the month of Chingam and is known as the festival of harvest. It is a 10-day long festival which is celebrated by every Malayali household with much zeal and enthusiasm and is also referred to as Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam. The celebrations start on Atham Day and go on for ten days till Thiruvonam day which is considered the festival’s most auspicious day. With trumpets, drums, boat races, dances, music, floral decorations, lights and colours- the rituals and spirit of this festival can exhilarate almost anyone. While the festival is incomplete without delicious Onasadya, decorating the entire house is of utmost importance to add a touch of tradition while bringing in positivity and abundance. Deck your home for the festive vibes with the below-mentioned easy ways and update your décor for this special festival.

A beautiful tablescape for Onam Sadya

No festival in India is complete without food and an Onam décor should definitely have a dining table decked with beautiful elements like a table runner, flowers, and lamps for a visually appealing Sadya. Don’t forget to place fresh banana leaves for an authentic vibe. A boat racing wallpaper or Kathakali sculptures on the table not only represent Kerala but also make you delight in this gastronomic experience traditionally.

Spruce up with classic marigold

Marigold represents the sun, symbolizing brightness and positive energy and holds much importance in Hindu mythology. It is a perfectly affordable way to set a festive mood in your dwelling while making it all aromatic. Deck up the walls with strings of marigold or a toran made of flowers to decorate your abode. Accompany the whole décor with some hanging lamps, a small colourful Rangoli, diyas or a vessel filled with flowers or floating lamps can make your place heavenly for the celebrations of Onam.

Spruce up with classic marigold

White Kolam wallpapers accompanied by fairy lights

A classic traditional touch during this festival is extremely vital and to do that prettily, all you have to do is paste some intricate kolam wallpapers on the walls or on the floor nearby the mandir. Kolam is touted to safeguard the house and work as an evil’s eye and embrace good luck and prosperity. Install some fairy lights to dazzle the space in Onam vibes. Some vibrant cushions, potted plants, and boldly printed rugs will bring a vibrant look.

Banana plant and earthen pot floras and candles for a minimal look

Do you want to deck your space with elusive and minimalistic elements? If yes, then here is a simple trick that can do all the wonders to your space. Bring in two small banana plants and place them on the corners of your main door entrance or nearby your coffee table. Place some earthen bowls on the table and fill them with flower petals and candles and ta-da your space is all ready for Onam.

Earthen pot floras and candles for a minimal look

Swear by the above-mentioned ideas to craft a festive mood in your heavenly piece of abode and get your home ready for majestic merriments this auspicious festival Onam.

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