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NYC’s Robert Holden pushes to ban horse carriages after latest animal collapse

He’s not horsing around.

Councilman Robert Holden on Thursday demanded a hearing on his bill to ban horse carriages in the Big Apple in the wake of the latest animal collapse on a busy Hell’s Kitchen street.

The Queens Democrat also called for wider support of a bill he introduced last month intended to eliminate all horse-drawn carriages and replace them with electric ones instead.

“This poor horse is what my bill is about,” the Queens pol said in a statement, referring to the sick horse who collapsed in view of horrified onlookers in Manhattan on Wednesday.

“Yet another one ill or dying this summer, alone, while the industry parrots that it’s ‘rare.’ Making horses suffer like this, especially in the brutal heat, is barbaric and needless,” he continued.

Robert Holden
Councilman Robert Holden introduced his bill in the NYC council to ban horse-drawn carriages and replacing them with electric carriages.
Sam Simmonds/Polaris

“There is no reason, in this modern age, to continue using horses this way. It’s not a good life for them and it causes public safety issues.”

He urged the Council Committee on Health to conduct a thorough hearing of his bill, saying “Let’s set the record straight about this industry and the bill.”

Other sponsors of Holden’s bill echoed his concern as animal activist groups descended on City Hall Thursday to call for the legislation to be fast-tracked.

“We’ve seen time and time again when horses are being mistreated on the streets of Manhattan, particularly around Central Park,” said Council Majority Leader Keith Powers (D-Manhattan).

“This incident just demands a pragmatic solution to get us out of the current situation. The Holden bill is a solution.”

The fight against commercial carriage rides in areas like Central Park and Midtown has ramped up in recent months as footage of horses collapsing and running into cars went viral.

Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t commented yet on the latest horse collapse.

Hizzoner was endorsed by the Transport Workers Union, which reps the carriage drivers. Adams has previously said he doesn’t support a ban but was open to discussing the issue.

If passed, the new measure would give horse drivers preferences for electric carriage licensure and also require they be paid union wages.

Horse carriages
The fight against commercial carriage rides has increased as footage of horses collapsing and running into cars has gone viral.
Horse carriages
The latest call for ending horse-drawn carriages comes as a horse collapsed in Manhattan this week.
AFP via Getty Images

In pushing for the bill on Thursday, Holden said the “drivers and the horses deserve better.”

“I call upon my colleagues to move our city past this cruel, unnecessary practice and get the carriage drivers into clean, electric carriages that take up less space and don’t leave piles of manure for park users to dodge,” he said in the statement.

“The drivers could also make a better living, working all year round.”

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