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NYC mom says alleged killer Sundance Oliver threatened teen son minutes before shooting spree

A Brooklyn mother was left shaken after learning her teen son was threatened by an accused double-murderer minutes before the 28-year-old ex-con’s alleged shooting spree on Monday.

The frightened mom shared her horror in a Wednesday interview with The Post where she said her 14-year-old boy was walking to school just before 9 a.m. Monday when Sundance Oliver confronted the teen in Crown Heights and allegedly demanded his money.

The mother said her son was so scared that his hand shook as he reached into his pocket and took out the only three dollars he had on him.

Oliver then allegedly demanded the teen follow him around the corner — asking “do I need to show you a gun?” before the quick-thinking boy fled to safety into a nearby bodega on Troy Avenue, police sources and the mother said.

“He was trying to get my son around that corner,” she told The Post. “God knows what he would have done with my child. My stomach is turned inside out. I don’t want to think about.”

During the terrifying encounter, the teen asked Oliver, “‘why are you doing this to me? Why are you taking my money?’” the 51-year-old mom said.

A photo of Keyaria Rattray-Brothers one of Oliver's victims.
A photo of Keyaria Rattray-Brothers one of Oliver’s victims.

Police sources said Oliver would be charged over the incident that came about 40 minutes before the 28-year-old allegedly shot a 96-year-old man in a wheelchair less than a mile away outside the Kingsborough Houses.

Later Monday, Oliver is accused of gunning down a 20-year-old acquaintance in Lower Manhattan before returning to Kingsborough Houses, where he allegedly shot a 17-year-old girl dead just after midnight Tuesday.

Oliver, a reputed member of the Loopy Gang, eventually turned himself in to a Brooklyn station Tuesday morning amid a massive manhunt.

Surveillance video of Oliver surrendering at a Brooklyn police station on Tuesday.
Surveillance video of Oliver surrendering at a Brooklyn police station on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old’s mother — who requested anonymity for fear of gang retaliation — said she only realized Oilver was the man who confronted her son after pointing out the double murder suspect on the news.

She said she held her son home from school Tuesday while she believed the accused killer was still on the loose and called the NYPD tip line to report the connection.

The horrific discovery led her to wonder if her son’s run-in with the career criminal would have ended differently if the teen hadn’t run into the bodega.

“He would have hurt my child,” she said, her voice trembling. “He would have hurt him.”

Oliver has some 31 arrests on his rap sheet and was on parole at the time of his alleged rampage. He served five years in prison on a first-degree robbery conviction and was released in 2020.

Google Maps view of Bergen Street and Rochester Avenue, where the shootings took place.
Google Maps view of Bergen Street and Rochester Avenue, where one of the shootings took place.
Google Maps

He was arrested multiple times since his release from prison, including on gun possession, but remained on parole.

“I don’t know why they have people like this out in the street giving them parole!” the mother fumed.

Oliver faces charges including murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery and was later connected to a string of other crimes before his encounter with the 14-year-old — including armed robberies and domestic abuse.

Law enforcement sources said Oliver has been “a one-man crime wave” from an early age, running with gangs since he was a teen.

“I’m glad he’s caught but my thing is I hope they don’t put him out on bail again,” the concerned mom said. “He’s a monster, they need to put him away for life!”

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