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NY assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou will not challenge Dan Goldman in NY-10 on WFP line

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Manhattan) will not challenge Democratic nominee Dan Goldman in the newly-drawn Congressional District 10 on the ballot line for the Working Families Party after narrowly losing the Aug. 23 primary.

“I will not be on the WFP line for the general. We simply do not have the resources to fight all fights at the same time, and we must protect our democracy now.”,” Niou said in an emotional video posted to Twitter.

The moderate Goldman won the crowded primary in the deep blue district with about 26% of the vote compared to about 24% for the lefty Niou.

Rep. Mondaire Jones – who currently holds a suburban seat north of New York City – got 18% and Council Woman Carlina Rivera received 17% of the vote, with other candidates trailing.

Niou’s exit from the race means Goldman, a former U.S. House impeachment lawyer during the first trial of President Donald Trump, can now glide to victory after facing heavy progressive fire in the primary over issues like abortion.

Niou was narrowly defeated by Dan Goldman in the newly-redrawn NY-10.
Yuh-Line Niou will not pursue the Working Family Party line.

“I look forward to joining forces with leaders, organizers and activists in the days and months ahead, and towards our shared goal of holding the Democratic majority in the House and Senate so that we can protect our democracy, our fundamental rights, our neighbors, and the future of the planet itself,” Goldman said in a statement Tuesday night.

Some progressives had urged Niou with the support of the WFP, which backed her in the primary, to take the fight to the general election where Republicans have no chance of winning in the deep blue district.

“I always want to put our community first,” Niou said in her video about forgoing a divisive general election campaign against Goldman.

Niou won around 24% of the vote in the district.
Goldman won the crowded primary with about 26% of the vote.

An opening came when Jones declined the WFP line he previously gained while running for reelection in his current seat, which gave the party a chance to name Niou as its nominee.

The WFP helped insurgent India Wilson win a shock victory in the 2021 Democratic primary for Buffalo mayor over longtime incumbent Byron Brown, who rallied support for a successful write-in campaign despite the odds.

A challenge to Goldman offered the WFP equal opportunity for a big win and defeat.

“We have always been sober about the structural barriers we face when running grassroots candidates against the power of immense wealth,” WFP state Director Sochie Nnaemeka said in a statement.

“Mr. Goldman won his seat with the aid of millions of dollars of his own wealth, and still won far short of a majority of the Democrats in the district. We urge him to take note of the progressive positions shared by candidates who cumulatively shared a majority of the vote,” she added.

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