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Nick Saban scolds Alabama for ‘Horns Down’ gesture after win

Relief quickly turned to anger for Nick Saban.

Moments after Alabama escaped Austin with a 20-19 win over Texas, the Alabama coach ripped into a few of his players for gloating after the 20-point favorite nearly was stunned by the Longhorns.

“Don’t do that s–t!” Saban was caught by Fox cameras yelling at a number of Alabama players, who were doing the “Horns Down” gesture to Texas players.

(Warning: Mature Language)

During the week, Saban was made aware of the “Horn Down” gesture resulting in a taunting penalty by reporters. “Horns up” is Texas’ signature celebration gesture.

“I have not addressed it with the team, but I appreciate you letting me know that,” Saban said at the time. “We got a lot of other things we need to really worry about, but I think that’s a good thing for me to go over with the team, so I appreciate that.”

Alabama players make the ‘horns down” gesture’ after their in over Texas.

A few players may not have been listening — or saved it until he game was decided — when Saban brought it to his team’s attention, apparently. 

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