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New book claims Meghan Markle ‘suspected’ Victoria Beckham was leaking stories about her & Prince Harry

Author Tom Bower’s book Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors has caused quite a stir in the media over the past few days. With his numerous claims about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, the newest to join the lot is that the Sussexes had a tiff with the Beckhams after Megan suspected Victoria Beckham of leaking stories to the press.

In the book, the author talked about how the Duke and the Duchess were “addicted to reading about themselves. He wrote, “Harry and Meghan were shackled,” via ET Canada. Bower continued in his newest edition, “Every night they scoured the internet to read the newspaper reports and the trolls’ postings on social media. Irrationally, they grouped the two together and fed each other’s frenzy about the media. Convinced that as champions of goodness they were being persecuted by mendacity and racism, they felt victimized by the mildest criticism.”

He further alleged, “Harry’s instability fed Meghan’s fears that friends were leaking stories to the media. In particular, she suspected Victoria Beckham of indiscretion.” Bower also narrated an instance where Harry apparently called up the couple in question to repeat the accusations which had allegedly outraged David Beckham and had created a rift in their relationship. On the call, the author claimed that Beckham had furtively denied the accusations at the time.

However, the Beckhams have been very close to the ex-royals from before and were even invited to Harry and Meghan‘s wedding in 2018 following which in 2020 the couple made their exit from the royal family.

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