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Nakamoto Games Host Tank Battle Tournament on UpOnly Platform

  • Tank Battle competition announced by UpOnly and Nakamoto Games.
  • It is planned for the competition to begin on August 22 and last for three days.

The debut of the upcoming tournament, which will include the blockchain gaming studio Nakamoto Games most recent game, Battle Tank, has been revealed. The Battle Tank competition will be held on UpOnly, a platform for Tournament as a Service (TaaS).

UpOnly, a pioneering data directory, provides in-depth and practical knowledge on the move-to-earn, play-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming businesses. To maximize their performance and locate the greatest play-to-earn opportunities, UpOnly wants to be the go-to resource for gamers worldwide.

With blockchain-based games, Nakamoto Games provides players all around the world with significant earning opportunities. The dynamic ecosystem provides a wide selection of cutting-edge games and frequently holds international championships.  

Insights From the Contest 

The competition is slated to start on August 22 and last for three days. Players who want to access Tank Battle must first connect their Web3 wallet to the Nakamoto Games platform. Then, to complete the tournament registration, players must connect the same wallet to UpOnly. The total prize pool is about 2250 $USDT, and there is also a further 60,000 $UPO up for grabs.

The suggested price for game players is substantial, and the ultimate winner will get $1,000. The second-place finisher in the tournament will receive $750 in prizes, while the third-place finisher will receive $500.  And also the native token $UPO of UpOnly can be used by participants and spectators to wager on the results of the competition.

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