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Naagin 6, 6 August 2022, Written Update: Pratha defeats Yeti

In today’s episode, Pratha does tandav and then Takshak comes in and prays to Lord Shiva. Pratha bows in front of him. Mehek tells Urvashi that she couldn’t open the door so that means she isn’t the shesh naagin. Urvashi asks her what she means. Mehek tells her that the shesh naagin is alive and that means that Kiara is Pratha and she gets angry. Takshak asks Pratha what she wants as he comes to grant the shesh naagin’s wish after every 100 years. Pratha asks Takshak to get Rishab back to her. He tells her that he can’t do this but can help her get revenge. 

She tells she will take revenge no matter what but she wants her Rishab back alive. He tells her that he can’t grant her that wish and asks her if she has anything else to wish for. He tells her that she will understand why he can’t grant that wish. Mehek gets angry and tells she will kill Pratha. Pratha calls Mehek and tells she will give her the land. Urvashi gets happy and tells that Kiara can’t be Pratha. Later, Mehek, Zang, Urvashi meet Pratha and Rajesh at the factory. Urvashi takes Rajesh outside. Zang tells Mehek that he released yeti as per her wish. 

Yeti comes and Pratha thinks of attacking him but then realises that Urvashi and Mehek are watching them. She pretends to faint. The yeti is actually a farishta who tells Pratha that the real yeti is out finding her and vanishes. Urvashi tells Mehek to not do this again because of something would’ve happened to Pratha then they would’ve lost the deal. They wake Pratha up who tells that she saw a white gorilla. Urvashi tells there’s nothing here. Later, Pratha goes to the temple and finds yeti and fights with him. Pratha defeats him.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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