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Naagin 6, 3rd September 2022, Written Update: Pratha finds the babies

In today’s episode, Pratha cries thinking about her daughter and prays to Lord Shiva. Shakti thinks that Pratha shouldn’t find the woman who he gave the basket to, or else she will get to know that he’s behind it. The lady throws the basket down but Pratha hits the lady and then saves the professor’s daughter and then goes to save hers. Shakti pushes the lady down so that she can’t reveal the truth to her. They both return back home and she gives the kids to the professor. Pratha cries and the professor gives her daughter back and tells that he can’t take her daughter away as she saved his daughter first without thinking twice. Everyone gets happy. 

Later, both the babies cry and Pratha wonders what happened. The professor comes home and tells that even his daughter was crying. Pratha asks him to leave the next day. Shakti asks him to leave after the marriage and proposes to Pratha. She gets happy and tells they’ll marry the next day. Shakti goes and tells Rishab that he’s marrying Pratha and they’ll have a kid of their own after and he’ll kill his kid. Rishab gets angry and asks him to stay away. Shakti continues to tell that he’s marrying Pratha and Rishab hugs him and tells he won’t spare him. Shakti leaves, locking him in. 

Pratha gets ready for the marriage but a heavy storm comes and the baby starts crying again. Pratha wonders what’s wrong. Rishab recalls taking the keys from Shakti’s pocket. Professor’s daughter comes near the door and Rishab tries to open it. Lord Shiva blesses her and her thread opens the door. Shakti’s lens falls down and Pratha notices that and asks him who he is, as he’s not Rishab. Everyone also notices that. Rishab comes and tells that he’s Rishab and the one with her is his twin Shakti. Everyone gets shocked.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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